IndianaRog and the Temple of Steam

Miniature steam engines by Jensen, Karsten, Stuart & Empire. Lionel & MTH trains. Wind up clocks & watches plus black powder cannons and mortars.

Console, generators, saw motor, lamps

As the last part of the woodworking...I finished the console and mounting of all meters, switches and switch ID tags.  Nothing is wired inside, just the various bits mounted. 

Amazingly there are a total of 20 switches, meters and other electrical components mounted to the face and rear of the box seen below (go ahead, count them).  

The next part of the build is what I call the "generator pod"...a cluster of two Jensen 15 AC generators linked in tandem like the first 3 original Jensen 51's were made.  Given that the 4th thru 27th Jensen 51's also put out low voltage DC power, I concealed a stepper motor DC generator beneath the paired AC generators to give ample DC output.

The supplier of these customized stepper motor DC generators, is a gent named Peter Santa Maria who sells them direct via his: Website  I highly recommend Peter and his product and can vouch for the fact that an identical generator from Peter has logged 155 hours so far on my 51R001 with no problems at all.

The following pics show the generator pod build progression.

First the DC stepper motor generator is concealed within a hollowed out spot on the base board and the generator pod pedestal mounted over it.

Here the DC generator can be seen mounted from beneath as well as the wires that connect everything in the routered out channels of the engine pedestal. 

Clear packing tape (below right), holds the wires in place til the pedestal is screwed from under the main base.  Once screwed down, this messy bit disappears.

The paired Jensen 15 AC generators are shown below joined in tandem with a specially made 3 part pulley. 

Two outer grooves receive tandem drive belts off the flywheel, innermost groove connects to and powers the DC generator mounted beneath via a separate drive belt.

Below is the finished generator pod installed on the raised engine pedestal.  This setup will power five lamp posts and the DC saw motor...considerably more output than Jensen's original model 51 generator that powered one lamp and the DC saw motor. 

At this point all wiring for these components is in place and tested before securing the engine pedestal to the main base.

Mounting the main engine pedestal with labeled wires traced thru the main engine base to emerge where the console will be placed.

It's April 9th now and the completed base board can be seen below, with engine pedestal, generator pod, saw motor, chimney stand mount and five lamp posts installed and all functional. 

The completed console will now mount over the cluster of wires in the lower right, with those connected up to meters, switches etc. within.   The end is very much in sight at this point

Stay tuned...