IndianaRog and the Temple of Steam

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Finished: April 30, 2009

It seems time has was just Feb. 18th, 2009 that I received the Jensen 50 that would serve as the core of this conversion and replication of a Jensen 51. 

Here is that Jensen 50 again as received in quite nice condition for an early 1960's example:

Note the basics one received with a stock Jensen 50:
- cast iron engine with working governor and inline water feed pump for boiler
- large 5" diameter x 10" long brass boiler with pressure gauge, whistle, safety valve and two ceramic dry channel heaters within and a blanket heater beneath...rated wattage was 900 watts per tag (though I metered it at 1250 watts total)
- the three heaters each had external plugs and could be plugged in or removed at will from a three outlet extension type block mounted behind the this way 1, 2 or 3 heaters could be allowed to operate depending on desired speed
- cup for boiler water addition from which pump would draw
- cast iron based 0-6 volt Jensen 15 AC generator with built in single lamp post
- all mounted on a 1.25 inch thick plywood base (an early owner added the brass corners and brass carry handles...those were not stock Jensen)
In the process of conversion and replication of a Jensen 51, I took a great concept and updated it with more capacity for load and just plain enjoyment with more "bells and whistles" so to speak.  Follow link below to Jensen's website to see the features and functionality of a Jensen 51 as assembled for Jensen by engineer Randy Calhoun:

Now here is the finished conversion/replication I have come to call 51R002 given it is my second such effort and my last.  It has been fun and I've totally enjoyed tailoring it to it's new owner Colonel Mike Phillips, a gem of a guy who served our country as a U2 pilot for 29 years retiring from the Iraq/Afghan war and now a pilot for American Airlines. 

The U.S. Air Force insignia on the tank has special meaning to Mike for obvious reasons.

A run down of what's "under the hood" on this souped up 51R:
- cast iron engine with working governor and inline water feed pump for boiler same as the core Jensen 50
- large 5" diameter x 10" long brass boiler with pressure gauge, whistle, safety valve - two custom made higher (575 watt) stainless steel heaters for use in the dry boiler channels and the original blanket heater total rated 1600 watts and 14 amps on new electrical tag
- heaters are now controlled by a master switch on rear of console, three individual switches on the face of console and one heater has an incremental dimmer switch for fine tuned heat input...this setup permits 0-14 amps one amp at a time if desired
- functioning water tank, tower and "inches of water meter" inline to the water pump...such meters were used on early Jensen 51's, but later's a neat gizmo that shows column height of water in the tank plus functionality of the pump
- functioning condensate stack that takes the exhaust from the 1/25th horsepower engine and delivers a nice "chuffing" sound as well as routing the liquid condensate out a brass drainline to the rear
- TWO cast iron based 0-6 volt Jensen 15 AC generators mounted in tandem and powering a switchable lamp over the console, one over the engine flywheel and a continous AC voltmeter as well as a bypassable inline milliamp meter. 
- ONE DC stepper motor generator powered off the Jensen 15 tandem pulley cluster and hidden beneath those paired is capable of almost 25 volts DC and powers switchable lamps over the generator pod, boiler face and a combo DC saw motor/lamp setup.  This generator is strong enough to also power the inline voltmeter and milliamp meter continously.
- Total of 5 lamps and a DC saw motor...four more lamps than were present on an original Jensen 51 which utilized a combination AC/DC generator with less output possible.  Since such combo generators are no longer available, the stepper motor generator was used and it's superior output put to good use.
- all mounted on a cherry stained birch plywood engine base, generator pod and main base

A few more photos just because I'm so darned happy with the results:

The console with the lid finally screwed down and "inches of water" gauge peeking out from behind!

Another aerial view with my head in the rafters to get it all in...

A shot showing the new builder tag in front of boiler and new ID tag with updated power rating behind the chimney...

One more...

OK...enough strutting my stuff...I need to give this thing a shakedown run or ten just to make sure all works as intended.  I will include a video of same here after I get some hours on the meter. 

Stay tuned as they say....


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