IndianaRog and the Temple of Steam

Miniature steam engines by Jensen, Karsten, Stuart & Empire. Lionel & MTH trains. Wind up clocks & watches plus black powder cannons and mortars.

Metal parts restoration

During the week of Feb. 23'rd, I refinished the cast iron parts of engine with special attention to the engine frame which as noted previously had a lot of cosmetic flaws including bubbles, one unlevel foot and a wavy side with a gap in it. 

The next three photos are after disassembly and before any refinishing:

The Refinishing Process start to finish.............

Step 1...Stripped the parts with copious amounts of chemical stripper to remove the tough industrial enamel applied by Jensen 40+ years ago.  Momma is not too fond of this step given I wash the goop off in the kitchen sink under hot water!

A couple of hours later...voila

Step of the autobody trade are applied to fix bubbles, gaps and misc. flaws common to the sand casting process used to make these parts.  Epoxy, spot filler and a bit of elbow grease get the job done.  It would have been nice if this were done at time of manufacture, but I spent more time on this one step than Jensen probably allotted to do the complete model 50 assembly!

As seen below, all feet are now level and engine casting is ready for paint.

The generator castings were flawless, so required only cleanup and masking prior to the magnets have been removed for separate painting.

Steps 3 & 4 ...1st and 2nd coats of custom blended "greenish" enamel for the cast engine and generator bases with 24 hours and sanding before recoating.  Red flywheel hand painted with red enamel because it's easier than masking off all that nickel.  Generator magnets sprayed with Red Krylon Fusion paint. 

Note the rotating Lazy Susan under the engine...makes painting much easier without touching the item, especially if spraying.

Step painting step is a "highlighting/shimmering" spray paint application for the cast engine and generator result is very close to the original Jensen "look".

It's 2/28/09...refinishing of the cast iron parts of the project is done, didn't turn out half bad if I say so myself !!!  

On 3/9/09...the firebox got a new coat of copper paint.  Check out the video that follows for how that paint was applied...riveting camera work!!!

The video, coming from a paint booth near you!!

CLICK HERE for an instant video