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One more time for experience

In Nov. 2008 I was contacted by an Iraq war vet, Colonel Mike Phillips, wanting me to build another replica Jensen 51 like mine.

At first I thought "no way"...but the idea grew on me and in short order we agreed to a project.  I began gathering bits and pieces I knew I would need to build it, but the biggest challenge was finding a Jensen 50 as the core of the conversion.  Fortunately in less than three months we found the needed Jensen 50. and on Feb. 18, 2009 I took delivery of it.  The project then kicked into high gear.

I'm dedicating an individual tab to this effort which will probably span 3-4 will remain as part of this site, no plans to remove it even after the project is finished.  This will be a diary of sorts, in word and photo, to capture how the conversion was done, for Mike as well as me.  I did some of this with my own replica, but I'll do a more complete job this time around. 

I've now come to think of my own replica as "51R001".  I'm now about to create "51R002"...not sure if I'm blessed or cursed, but I'm excited, so here goes