IndianaRog and the Temple of Steam

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Loved but Gone

In any collecting endeavor, you have favorite pieces you keep forever.  Other pieces eventually pass back from whence they came...usually eBayed, some sold privately and a few traded for other pieces. 

There is no specific order of departure here, simply an alphabetical photo listing of engines, turbines and accessories that have passed thru the Temple of Steam and on to another admirer over the past 10 years I've been collecting. 

Most photos were taken by me, a few photos were taken by new owners at my request, and a few photos are of an "example" piece provided by others where I've lost the original photo. 

It is Mar 2015 and as of this writing 115 total pieces have passed thru the Temple of Steam and on to other collectors. 

I've turned over a few pieces in 13 years of actively being engaged in this hobby...all part of the fun for me !!!

Austrian Generator

"Baldy" machined engine

Bing Dredge

Bing 70/120 Weeden 14 lookalike (example photo by Rob M.)

Bing Vertical Electric badged with Bing, New York tag ("borrowed" this photo off eBay, but mine was exactly like this with unique male plug on both ends of cord)

Birmingham Dribbler (former engine, photo by Gil G.)

Bmaxo machined engine

Boehm stirling engine

Bowman model E101 engine

Bowman model M122 engine

Bowman model M135 engine

Bowman/Doll bandsaw (former accessory, photo by Odilon M.)

Bowman/Doll generator/lamp

Cheddar Puffin marine engine

Chris Allen Rocker engine

Cotswold Heritage Perseus #138

Doll Marine Engine

Empire 90 engine (example photo)

Empire B-50 water pump accessory

Empire B-34 windlass & variable speed accessory

Empire B43 engine w/pump (example photo by Dennis G.)

Empire B-42 twin boiler engine (parting is such sweet sorrow!)

Empire B-35 turbine

Fleischmann model 105/1 engine (example photo by Rob S.)

Fleischmann model 122/4 engine (former engine, photo by Rob S.)

Fleischmann model 135/2 engine

Gravett Lilliput machined engine

Hercules hit & miss gas engine (miss the thump, thump, thump of this wonderful engine...but it was a space hog in the garage!)

Ind-X overtype engine

Jensen 5 cast flywheel engine

Jensen 5 cast flywheel engine #2 brass tag (former engine, photo by Steven B.)

Jensen 5 cast flywheel engine with de-nickeled boiler

Jensen 10 plant

Jensen 10 plant of single year 1951 with round magnet generator

Jensen 15 round magnet generator (from 1951 year only)

Jensen 20 plant

Jensen 25 conversion from electric to alcohol burning engine

Jensen 25 non-reversing engine

Jensen 25 early 1960's with copper firebox

Jensen 25 standalone boiler setup for orphan engines

Jensen 30 replica engine of 1954

Jensen 35 called "Forgotten 35"...very rough

Jensen 35 Brass Tag engine (former engine, photo by Marc M.)

Jensen 40 Replica engine of early '60's era

Jensen 45 vertical engine (example photo from Rob S.)

Jensen 50 Riveted Boiler Plant of 1946 (what a fine engine, but my 51 Replica has virtually same engine at it's core, so one's enough)

Jensen 55 early reversing linkage engine

Jensen 55 early 70's model engine

Jensen 55 later model engine (example photo from steam friend Paul)

Jensen 60 hobby engine

Jensen 60 hobby engine done up in red, white and blue for War Dogs charity

Jensen 70 hobby engine (example photo)

Jensen 75 hobby engine

Jensen 85 hobby engine (example photo)

Jensen 95G engine #3 signed by Mr. Jensen

Jensen 95G engine (converted into standalone boiler and separate turbine/generator)

Jensen 100 accessory set (early blue base)

Jensen 100 accessory set (varnished base)

Jensen paired stacks made into a chuff pot

Karsten Gintschel 1st Generation Turbine (1 of only 15)

Karsten 2nd Generation oscillator engine

Karsten prototype oscillator engine (1 of 1)

Karsten reversible DC motor accessory for V-6 turbine

Karsten V-6 turbine

Karsten gate turbine

Lewiston high school Coke bottle engine

Lewiston high school horizontal engine

Large standalone electric boiler with twin steam outlets

Liney Machine RV-1 engine

Liney Machine Prototype Power Plant (1 of a kind)

Liney Machine Thimble based Prop Engine

L-S LOC Mini Rocket

Maier Butane engine

Mamod SE3 engine (example photo)

Mamod SE3 2nd engine modded into a power plant

Mamod SP4 engine (example photo)

Mamod SR1 mobile

Mamod SW1 mobile

Mamod SA1 Roadster 1978 (example photo)

Mamod SA1 Roadster to Morgan 3 Wheeler (conversion by Kev & Mel)

Mamod OW1 Open Wagon

MSS Loco

Marklin 16051 engine

Mersey 53R engine

Nameless engine (that was it's name!)

Peake 1 engine

PM Research flame licker engine

SEL Major 1550 engine (example photo by Ian A.) 

SEL marine engine

Steamco STC-01 engine (example photo by Tony M.)

Steamco STC-04 overtype engine

Stepper generator/light stand

Stuart 9 engine

Stuart ST engine (example photo)

Stuart S-50 engine (example photo)

Watt Sr. or Jr. engine? (example photo)

Weeden 43 (example photo by Dean W.)

Wilesco D5 engine

Wilesco D455 (modern)

Wilesco M56 workshop (modern)

Wilesco transmission (modern)

Wilesco transmissions (older)

Wolfgang Engineering Turbine AM-10

Wolfgang Engineering Turbine AM-15

Wormar Trojan model D engine


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