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Sept. 2018
  • Well, it took me awhile (3 years+) to get my head on straight after the death of my wife and to re-engage my hobbies... but here I am, at it again.  I have decided to sell off some of my clock/watch collection and ALL of my Jensen steam collection EXCEPT my beloved Jensen 51 Replica  The other remaining pieces were gathering dust and I could use their value elsewhere (like funding a just purchased boat)!  In the interest of other collectors however, I'm going to leave the Jensen info on this website intact as it may help someone else.  I will be selling more steam and clock pieces in the coming months...just takes a lot more time than acquiring them did in the first place!
Feb. 2019
  • A NEW Jensen 50 re-issue plant landed on my doorstep the other day, direct from Jensen  No...I didn't buy it, rather I am giving it a bit of a makeover...Temple style.  I will add photos and update as I tinker with it.  It was "good" as received from Jensen...just going to make a few minor mods and up the fit and finish.  Nice to handle a new/old engine...glad Jensen brought this one back.


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