IndianaRog and the Temple of Steam

Miniature steam engines by Jensen, Karsten, Stuart & Empire. Lionel & MTH trains. Wind up clocks & watches plus black powder cannons and mortars.

Recent updates, additions or changes

Jul.- Dec. 2014

  • Pressing family health issues have kept me out of the workshop and off this website for many's Aug. 2014 as of this writing and I'm trying to get back in the saddle...both workshop and website!
  • NOTE...Steam has taken a back seat for the past 6 months as I have acquired a "few" antique clocks.  Steam isn't dead...just on sabbatical while I dabble in the horological arts for a bit of variety...mechanical wonders clocks are!!
  • The Temple of Time Tab has THREE new additions:
  • A mongrel 1924 Seth Thomas Salem clock with a New Haven got the nuclear refurbishment I'm known for and I am delighted with the outcome. Check out that clock and it's photos. This was my first restoration of any kind in about 6 months and it felt great to mess around with it.
  • An 1886 Seth Thomas "Omaha" City Clock.  I parted ways with three other clocks to pay for this one, but I am well is  a near perfect example I just wound and put on display.
  • A NEW Hermle Chiming Steeple Clock reproduction of an old Seth Thomas example.  Though brand new as I received it in 2014, clock was actually made in 2007. 

Jan, Feb, Mar. 2015

  • Thanks for your patience during my extended "lull" in the website dept over the past 6-9 months....the family medical crisis that derailed me many months ago isn't going to go away, but I am dealing with it better.  I find solace in my workshop, website, steam collector Forum and a new found interest in old clocks helps me keep my wits about me.
  • The Temple of Time Tab has TWO more additions:
  • An 1863-65 Seth Thomas Cottage Clock with gorgeous Rosewood veneer, acquired in Jan 2015 and ready to plug and play so to speak
  • An 1866 Seth Thomas Column & Cornice Shelf Clock acquired in April 2014, broke weeks later and finally repaired Feb. 2015. 
  • The Temple of Steam saw five engine departures in Jan/Feb. help feed clock and other purchases!  Seriously, these had become shelf off they went (single photo of each goes to the "Loved but Gone" tab):
    • An Empire B-42
    • An Empire B-35
    • A Jensen 10 plant with round magnet generator issued only in 1951
    • A Jensen 4 bolt 25 with riveted boiler circa 1937 (only one that hurt a bit!)
    • A Jensen 35 with heavy cast flywheel

April, May 2015

  • The All other Engines Tab has a minor addition of a nice brass burner for my DR Mercer traction engine.  I made this up using dimensions from a steel original...fits and burns perfectly (though burned it outside engine to keep engine unfired).
  • Nancy, my beloved wife of 40+ years, passed away in May 2015 after a 16 year battle with cancer.  She was surrounded by family when she passed peacefully into the arms of her maker...I am doing OK in the aftermath with support of children and grandchildren, but nothing is happening on the hobby front at this might be awhile before I get my head oriented in that direction again, but it will come...just not right now (Jun 28th as of this writing)