IndianaRog and the Temple of Steam

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Water tower step

This is the last step toward completion of this project...attaching the water tower to the base, plumbing in the Inches of Water gauge and finally running SS water line/connectors to the boiler fill pump.

The tank, tower and downtube ready for attachment

On early Jensen 51's, an "Inches of Water" gauge was included in the water line from the tower giving a measure of the column of water in inches so user could see when water supply was getting low. 

Jensen eliminated this feature sometime during the run of 27 original Jensen 51's, but the new owner of this replica desired one, so here 'tis nestled behind the console and under the tower frame.

The SS water line from the tower downtube runs alongside the generator pod and via a couple of Swagelok connectors meets up with the inline fill pump (lower left of photo) that keeps the boiler filling while running.

For what it's worth, the little water feed pump visible in the lower left of the above picture requires some simple maintenance, without which it just won't work. 

There are two small chromed ball bearings that sit in wells within the inlet and outlet lines and one small brass spring on the outlet side only...this controls the flow of water against the pressure within the boiler but prevents gravity overflows when there is no boiler pressure.  Actually a brilliant design by Mr. Jensen.

First pic to the left below shows the two balls and spring and inlet plug removed. 

In the second pic they are mounted in their respective spots before filler line from the boiler is connected and the pump body screwed down.  

I have replaced the balls and spring with new as they get quite calcified over time and don't seal well.  It's a very simple system, but to avoid trouble, you have to keep your balls clean!

In the picture to the right, the hex side compression nut holds the piston inline and when wrapped internally with teflon (PFTE) tape it makes for a nice tight seal. 

These pumps do NOT need oil, lubricity comes from the water and teflon tape fact, oil degrades the seal (I've tried).

It's April 30, 2009 at 9 pm EST and project
(at least the build) is done.....ahhhhhhhh

I will give it a series of shakedown runs over the next few days checking that all is well...something will likely crop up, but I don't expect any show stoppers.


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