IndianaRog and the Temple of Steam

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Water tower construction

While waiting to find the Jensen 50 needed for this project, I put together the parts and pieces of the functioning water tower during January 2009.  It helped to have my first replica standing here as a guide and 51R002's tower/tank will actually be built closer to original scale thanks to some actual measurements taken from an original 51 (thanks Gil!).

Since plans and parts are not readily available, I improvised...but end result is every bit as functional as an original and not a bad knockoff if I say so myself.

Gotta start with a plan

Scour the net for candidate water tanks...

Tank on left below was best, matched up with lid on the right

Framework was cut and formed from aluminum angle stock, four sides, top and bottom frames done here...every joint will be drilled and screwed with SS screws.  Before attaching each piece, cut ends had to be deburred and each piece hand polished to a shine with Maas metal polish..

At first it felt like a tower of jello, but soon firmed up as crossmembers were added

Sort of like an Erector/Meccano set, the more crossmembers added, the stronger it got

Tank platform cut and mounted with drain in center...

Pre-drilled tank added, drain hole aligned in the center...inside view

Finished tower, tank, water feed drain line and valve beneath...all ready for hooking up to the boiler water feed pump


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